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Fall in Love with Skinny Tan

This Valentines Day, fall in love with Skinny Tan, an all-natural self-tanner that reduces the appearance of cellulite. Skinny Tan has a sweet offer for the season that is too tempting to resist. Introducing the Chocolate Kits, an assortment of Skinny Tan’s best products available for one irresistible price. Available in three different sets available in Milk, Semi Sweet, and Dark, these offers make committing easy.

Skinny Tan’s Valentine’s Day MILK Chocolate Tanning Kit, $49.95

Set includes 1 Pre Tan Primer, 2 Gradual Tanners, 1 Application Mit, 1 After Glow - $105 value

Skinny Tan’s Valentine’s Day SEMI SWEET Chocolate Tanning Kit, $55.95

Set includes 1 Pre Tan Primer, 2 7-Day Tanners, 1 Application Mitt, 1 After Glow - $125 value

Skinny Tan’s Valentine’s Day DARK Chocolate Tanning Kit, $59.95

Set includes 1 Pre-Tan Primer, 1 Body Mousse, 1 Application Mitt, 1 7-Day Tanner, 1 After Glow, 1 24-Hour Bronzer - $165 value

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I have been using Skinny Tan products for two years now. There is no better sunless tanning brand on the market that I have tried that is better than Skinny Tan. It blends seamlessly into my skin tone and creates a luxurious, beautiful and natural looking tan without the orange tone, and without streaks.

The application mitt seems to help the product to perfectly cover my skin with natural looking pigmentation, and a flawless application. I am headed out to Hawaii in a few weeks, and plan to get a touch of color using my Skinny Tan products from head to toe before my vacation. It also helps to minimize and camoflauge cellulite. I am very excited to get my glow on before stepping foot onto that tropical beach in the safest way possible, thanks to Skinny Tan.

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