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Got cellulite and pasty skin? Say hello to Skinny Tan!

Before I get to the beauty of the beach, I have to face the horror of that first time squeezing into my bathing suit for the season. Every year it’s enough for me to suddenly long for a week-long blizzard and layers of long johns and turtlenecks. But the siren song of a sandy beach and fresh cool water always lures me in, so I do whatever I can to feel good in my swimwear. This year I am going bananas for Skinny Tan, a self tanner that not only gives a sun-kissed glow without the harmful rays, it also actually addresses dimpled skin.

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Skinny Tan is a major seller down under AND across the pond. In fact, this line was ‘born’ in Australia when two women were going on vacation and they wanted to look less pale and less ‘dimple-y’. And here is a fun fact – Skinny Tan is the number one seller in Korea, where cellulite is a huge concern, even though tanned skin isn’t!

beauty info zone skinny tan package

What makes Skinny Tan different from other faux tanners? It mostly has to do with the ‘skinny’ part. In general, self tanners make any area with cellulite look better – in far, the darker the self tanner, the better. But this line also contains Guarana, which is a naturally occurring botanical containing caffeine that is known to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Guarana is actually the highest source of caffeine available in nature. The seeds have more than twice the amount of caffeine than coffee does. Caffeine gets rid of the water that increases the appearance of cellulite by dilating blood vessels and increasing urine output. It helps break down fat cells and makes blood vessels wider, which smooths out that dimpled appearance. If that isn’t enough, it also increases blood flow to whatever area it’s applied to, which flushes out toxins and fat. Dr. Oz recommends caffeine to reduce the appearance of cellulite – check it out.
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 So this is NOT my ass, but it’s a great example of what Skinny Tan can do for you.

skinny tan before and after (behind shot)

I tried two of the Skinny Tan self tanners. First, I tested the 7-Day Tanner which comes in the shade I tried, Natural ($39.95), as well as Dark ($42.95).

7-day Tanner and 7-day dark

  • 7-Day Tanner that combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin soothing and firming agents
  • Natural actives react with the skin to create a natural lasting tan, streak free
  • Instantly bronzes and then develops into a medium tan
  • No drying or flaking
  • Fades over 7 days with skin’s natural cell turnover
  • Can be reapplied for a darker effect

skinny tan mousse

I also tested the Skinny Tan Body Mousse ($39.95).

Formulation combines two green based certified tanning agents plus organic coconut for a delicious scent and Aloe Vera to moisturize the skin and caffeine from Guarana Berries to disguise cellulite

Applies easily, sinking into skin for amazing instant results

Suitable for face and body

skinny tan application mitts

I found both self tanners to have a great texture, and both are very easy to apply. Speaking of application, I also tried the Tanning Mitts. Yup, love the tanning mitts, especially the small one for the face. Where has this been all my life?? I usually go rogue on my face and use bare hands, but this mitt makes application – even in tough areas like under the eyes and around the nose – so easy.

Both of the self tanners leave skin very moist and soft. They also give instant gratification with no color transfer. There is a dark color guide that helps ensure even application and no streaks, but the tanners dry in about a minute and I was able to put my clothes on without any staining.

skinny tan before and after

The color is noticeable, one of the darker self tanners I’ve tried. It doesn’t take several coats to look like you have been on vacation since one coat gives a deep, golden tan that looks completely natural. It isn’t easy to find an instant and continual dark self tanner, so if you want a lot of color with one application this is the line for you.

The Body Mousse is excellent if you have dry skin, need a quick dry time, and want something that works for both face and body. It goes on feather-light and is so easy to apply. The 7-Day Lotion is extremely moisturizing and takes a little bit longer to dry. Both wear off evenly without becoming all patchy. I got six days of excellent color and only needed to reapply for a refresher on the 7th day.

Fragrance is another huge issue with self tanners and Skinny Tan smells like delicious coconut and caramel…and then it smells like nothing at all. I recommend this tanner to even the most fragrance sensitive people.

I haven’t tried these long enough to tell you if they have a huge effect on cellulite, but they definitely make skin look smooth and my body look slimmer immediately. I am hugely impressed with Skinny Tan and it’s gone onto my list of the best self tanners I’ve ever tried. If you want to try Skinny Tan for yourself, check out the newly launched US website at . I know it will make that initial bathing suit try-on a very pleasant experience for you! – Lisa

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