Monsters & Critics -Skinny Tan pick for May Best Beauty Finds

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Monsters and Critics Skinny Tan review

Our May 2016 Best Beauty Finds on Monsters and Critics continues the monthly series where we investigate and test all sorts of beauty products.

Some were amazing. This month we highlight luxurious beauty tools and affordable new sun care products designed to self-tan and to protect if you actually go in the sun. We even found a personal gadget that will put a smile on any woman’s face, and smiles are beautiful.

If you haven’t noticed our adorable Trend section on Monsters & Critics, we totally love animals! So with that fact this in mind, M&C celebrates the companies who make their potions and creams without harming ANY of our furry friends. The topical application items listed below are also made without parabens, artificial fragrances, solvents, sulfates, and phthalates.

Why we love it: Aussies make fabulous sun care items and self-tanners, and this is one of them. We got to try two items from their line, the Gradual Tanner body butter which comes in a tube (5.07 ounces) for the “slow and steady wins the race” way to getting some natural color,  body mousseand the faster pump Body Mousse (above) that packs a pow and gives you instant color and deep rich color in 6-8 hours when done developing on the skin.

Both products smell like a tropical coconut laced drink and are ultra pleasant, the gradual tanner is a butter and feels wonderful on the skin. The Body Mouse is non-sticky and delivers a medium to deep tan color and is buildable, meaning you can deepen the effect by an additional application hours after the first. The end result color is a natural tan shade, not orange, and the formulation is 100% eco-friendly and good for the skin.


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